Decoy Effect? Are You Using It for Your Business?


Decoy Effect? Are You Using It for Your Business?

Are you applying this decoy effect to your business? Ho….hoo…really not? Come on If not then start now onwards. 

Do You Know What the Decoy Effect Is?

The decoy effect is the phenomenon in which customers tend to change their purchasing preferences when they have the third choice. In this, customers are clear that they prefer cheaper option A, over the expensive B. However, they usually change their mind if the third option appears.

Neuromarketing studies have found this effect to be one of the most influential cognitive biases to apply in any business.

How the Decoy Effect Works

It can be helpful. One clear example of the decoy effect is french fries in McDonald’s. There are two options, a large or a small one. Customers will conclude that the large one is very expensive also they do not want that many french fries. They are going to buy based on their needs. However, when the lower price appears between the two, the decision changes. It makes them believe that they win and make a better buy.

Use Decoy Effect for Your Legal Work

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